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3 Fun nail links

16 Jul

If you can’t already tell, I’m crazy about nail polish. (I always try to pose in pictures with at least one hand visible to capture my best accessory.)

Just a small portion of my nail polish rainbow

Check out these links that I peruse every so often when I want some nail inspiration.

  1. The Daily Nail: One nail-polish obsessed lady decided to use her recent investments to paint her nails in different designs each day for an entire year.
  2. Try It On: Virtually try on OPI nail colors by matching your skin tone and nail length on a flash hand.
  3. Nail Color Selector: Go one step further and digitally try on Sally Hansen nail shades that suit your nail conditions, length and shape.

Also, I felt that I couldn’t post something about nail polish without mentioning my friend Coco. She’s obsessed with OPI fingernail polish and we’ve spent quite a few meals over delicious Armadillo Grill queso and chips discussing nail polish colors. (Check out this cute poster she made for grad school.)


Confession: I’m a Never Nude about nail polish

21 Jun

So this post isn’t about one of my beauty finds, but I just thought I’d share this beauty revelation I had this morning. I am a Never Nude about nail polish.

If you’re an “Arrested Development” fan, you might get this. But if you’re not, you should be. A character on the show Tobias was a Never Nude, which means that the closest he would get to being nude is wearing a pair of cut-off jean shorts (jorts).

Well, I realized this morning that I’m the same way with finger nail polish. Maybe it was the five years I was a cheerleader that I wasn’t allowed to have painted fingernails for most of the year, or maybe it’s the way a fun color of nail polish can accessorize an outfit. Regardless of the reason, I’d rather not be seen in public without some sort of polish on my nails

This morning when I was getting ready to leave for work I noticed that the navy-colored polish I had painted on my finger nails was chipping horribly. So I decided to take it off. But then I saw that my nails were still navy-tinted and had a mini-beauty breakdown.

I grabbed the nearest nude-colored polish (Ulta salon formula nail laquer in Tutu – which is now discontinued) and painted them in a hurry, almost making me late for work. Below is the result.

My pre-work Ulta Tutu paint job

Granted, this isn’t by far my best work and you can still see some remnants of my navy polish. But I think it would have killed me to see my bluish nails while I sat at a computer typing all day.

Am I the only Never Nude about nail polish out there? Or are you a Never Nude about some other beauty product?

Wet n wild Rock Solid nail lacquer in sterling silver

15 Jun

When I spotted this nail polish at CVS for 50 percent off ($1.49!), I knew I couldn’t resist. Its flat metallic sheen reminded me a little of the ultra-shiny Minx nails almost every female celebrity has been rocking on the red carpet lately.

Wet n wild in sterling silver

I’ve worn this for the past week and even received a compliment on it at work! Metallics might be a little much for most offices but this one’s pretty understated until the light hits it. I feel like it’s a little wintery, but I like to wear grey and black polish year-round.

As far as fun nail colors go, wet n wild seems to have a good selection among drugstore brands. My first black finger nail polish was actually wet n wild back when the shade was more closely associated with Marilyn Manson and Elvira than a go-to manicure choice.

Have any of you jumped onto the metallic nail bandwagon? Do you think it’s a hot summer trend or better suited for winter?

Quick-dry nails: 5 days later

12 Jun

Five days ago I decided to test out how a quick-drying salon-quality nail product would compare to a similar drugstore product.

So I painted my fingernails with the same nail polish with Sally Hansen 30-Second Top Coat on my right hand and  Orly Flash Dry Drops + Sephora by OPI Top Coat by on my left.

Here are side-by-side comparisons of my nails immediately after painting them and then five days afterward:

Orly Flash Dry Drops

Orly Flash Dry Drops: Day 5

Sally Hansen 30-Second Top Coat

Sally Hansen 30-Second Top Coat: Day 5

So what do you think? Is more chipping worth the cheaper price? I think it may be, considering that together Orly Flash Fly Drops + Sephora by OPI Top Coat cost about $16 and Sally Hansen 30-Second Top Coat costs about $5.

Have you tried any great quick-dry top coats or nail products?