5 Shower essentials under $10

14 Jul
A thorough, fresh start is the only way to start any good beauty routine. Arm yourself with these shower beauty tools – all under $10 – to help make the rest of your beauty routine more effective.

Photo credit: Flickr user Guan Hua.

  1. Wide-tooth comb: Detangle hair in the shower while your conditioner works its magic.
  2. Loofah: Exfoliate and scruff off dead skin all over with a little bit of cleanser.
  3. Pumice stone: Do some extra exfoliation on tough areas like feet after soaking.
  4. Wash cloth: Wash and gently exfoliate sensitive areas like your face.
  5. Adhesive hooks: Hang up other essentials without leaving a mark behind.

It isn’t essential, but a rubber duck can make adult bath time fun too! Unfortunately, it won’t hang on your adhesive hooks.


One Response to “5 Shower essentials under $10”

  1. Kelly July 15, 2010 at 9:03 am #

    shower hooks are the ISH

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