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3 Fun nail links

16 Jul

If you can’t already tell, I’m crazy about nail polish. (I always try to pose in pictures with at least one hand visible to capture my best accessory.)

Just a small portion of my nail polish rainbow

Check out these links that I peruse every so often when I want some nail inspiration.

  1. The Daily Nail: One nail-polish obsessed lady decided to use her recent investments to paint her nails in different designs each day for an entire year.
  2. Try It On: Virtually try on OPI nail colors by matching your skin tone and nail length on a flash hand.
  3. Nail Color Selector: Go one step further and digitally try on Sally Hansen nail shades that suit your nail conditions, length and shape.

Also, I felt that I couldn’t post something about nail polish without mentioning my friend Coco. She’s obsessed with OPI fingernail polish and we’ve spent quite a few meals over delicious Armadillo Grill queso and chips discussing nail polish colors. (Check out this cute poster she made for grad school.)


5 Shower essentials under $10

14 Jul
A thorough, fresh start is the only way to start any good beauty routine. Arm yourself with these shower beauty tools – all under $10 – to help make the rest of your beauty routine more effective.

Photo credit: Flickr user Guan Hua.

  1. Wide-tooth comb: Detangle hair in the shower while your conditioner works its magic.
  2. Loofah: Exfoliate and scruff off dead skin all over with a little bit of cleanser.
  3. Pumice stone: Do some extra exfoliation on tough areas like feet after soaking.
  4. Wash cloth: Wash and gently exfoliate sensitive areas like your face.
  5. Adhesive hooks: Hang up other essentials without leaving a mark behind.

It isn’t essential, but a rubber duck can make adult bath time fun too! Unfortunately, it won’t hang on your adhesive hooks.

The vacation beauty conundrum and TRESemme dry shampoo

8 Jul

You may have noticed that I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. I was on vacation last week in New England busy touring places like the Samuel Adams brewery and the House of Seven Gables.

However, I did take the opportunity to try the new TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo during my trip and have to say I’m a convert. In retrospect I realize that vacation was the perfect time to try it because I always prefer to sleep in and half-heartedly straighten my hair before I head out the door to whatever historic site I’m visiting that day.

At the House of Seven Gables and Nathaniel Hawthorne's birthplace in Salem, Mass., with dry-shampooed and half-heartedly straightened hair

But that kind of beauty routine attitude leads to the vacation conundrum: you’d rather rest than put a lot of effort into getting ready, but vacations are always full of great picture opportunities that will most likely be broadcast to the world on Facebook.

This dry shampoo definitely helped my efforts during vacation and I’ve used it since I came back. Its formula of mineral clay and citrus helps prevent the gray roots look that other dry shampoos can cause and leaves your hair smelling light and clean instead of like Pine Sol.

I also want to try the TRESemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo. Have you tried the new TRESemme Fresh Start line or have a dry shampoo you use regularly?