5 Makeup bag essentials for under $10

16 Jun

No matter your budget, there are certain items necessary for an everyday beauty routine. Here are my top five non-makeup makeup bag essentials, all from Sally Beauty Supply and within the $0-10 price range:

My well-used makeup bag

  1. Tweezers: Shape your eyebrows or pluck stray hairs in between appointments
  2. Eyelash curler: Brighten a sleepy eyed look with a five-second squeeze before you apply mascara
  3. Cotton swabs: Smudge pencil eyeliner or touch up small makeup mishaps
  4. Cotton balls/pads: Remove eye makeup and finger nail polish, and apply skincare products
  5. Emery boards: File down and fix broken nails in a few swipes

Do you have any other non-makeup essentials that you keep in your makeup bag?


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