10-minute hair color isn’t for everyone

9 Jun

I started coloring my own hair about two years ago. Since then my naturally auburn hair has been a range of reds, auburns, dark browns and even maroon once, (I thought it was edgy at the time).

With my friend Caitlin sporting maroon locks in Dec. '08

I ended up with maroon hair because I misjudged the color on the box and left it in a few minutes too long. (That picture doesn’t even do it justice. It was almost the color of my shirt in real life.) But I still haven’t learned my lesson – which made my choice of using 10-minute hair color an unwise one.

As you can see my hair is very thick, so I should have known better than to buy a color that only allows 10 minutes for application. But I’m such a sucker for gimmicks.

I started dying my hair with L’Oreal Paris Excellence To-Go in 5RB by sectioning it off as usual, but before I knew it 5 minutes had already passed and I had barely done the sections around my crown. I, of course, panicked and applied the dye to the rest of my hair while managing to get it on the back of my white door, white cabinet underneath the sink and on tan linoleum floor. I tried to wipe up what I could in a few minutes and jumped in the shower.

As you can see below, the final effect was a little darker than I expected, but I do like it.



However, I don’t recommend 10-minute hair color unless you have short hair and experience dyeing your own hair.

Have you ever had a similar experience dyeing your own hair?


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