Will Cover Girl really match my department store makeup shade?

7 Jun

Well, not all of your department store shades. But the current count is more than 600.

You’ve probably seen Cover Girl’s campaign featuring Drew Barrymore, including the commercial challenging viewers to match their department store makeup shades with the online match generator.

I’ve lusted after NARS blush in orgasm for over a year now as a frequent Sephora browser, but never had the stomach to pay the $26 price. I even settled for a smaller portion of powder blush in a Sephora-brand makeup palette that I compared to the NARS sample.

It’s a big deal among beauty addicts and bloggers because the sheer pinky-peach shade is universally-flattering.

But, Cover Girl doesn’t offer a comparable blush shade.

So I decided to find an equivalent for another cult beauty favorite: Diorshow Mascara.

Interestingly, the suggested equivalent is Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara – which has been my go-to mascara for about two years now. It definitely lengthens, but tends to clump if you pile it on (like me).

Here it is in action:

Photo credit: Elizabeth Lilly

Has anyone else used the match generator to replace your department store shades?


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