Quick-dry nails: Orly vs. Sally Hansen

5 Jun

No matter how many times I paint my nails, I’m always tempted to type on my laptop or hang up scattered pieces of clothing and end up smudging my polish.

So instead of changing my habits I’ve come to swear by the Orly Flash Dry Drops ($6.99). But as part of my financial reformation, I’m trying to cut out unnecessary costs and I have just a few drops left of my Orly and am in the market for a fast-dry top coat.

I bought a bottle of Sally Hansen 30-Second Top Coat ($4.99 at CVS Pharmacy) and decided t0 compare it the Orly drops.

I painted my nails with love & beauty by Forever 21 in light grey ($2.80) and topped it off with Sephora by OPI Top Coat ($9) and the Orly drops on my left hand, and the Sally Hansen top coat on my right.

Here are some post-application snaps:

My initial reactions are:

  • The SH top coat dried faster than the Orly drops.
  • The nails on my right hand (SH) are a bit shinier than those on my left (Orly).

I’m going to wear this polish for five days and report back.


3 Responses to “Quick-dry nails: Orly vs. Sally Hansen”

  1. Lynn June 7, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    L’Oreal Jet Set Shine (quick dry). I’ve had it awhile so I guess it hasn’t been phased out. It dries really fast. And shiny like a princess. MK would even approve.


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